The Vessel Pre-Purchase Survey is the most comprehensive marine survey. Typically the marine surveyor will spend several hours examining the boat or yacht from stem to stern evaluating the condition of the hull and systems aboard. The checklist will be specifically tailored to your type of vessel. This type of survey includes inspection of the AC and DC power systems, propulsion system, fuel system, machinery, plumbing system, overall appearance, fiberglass surfaces and more.

The Vessel Pre-Purchase Survey includes a haul out inspection at a boatyard of the wetted surfaces and underwater machinery. A sea trial will be conducted to determine performance underway.

The Fair Market Value of the vessel will also be determined. The marine surveyor will generate a report with findings, recommendations, a summary and valuation of the vessel. High-resolution photographs will be taken and included.

Please Note: The marine survey purchaser is responsible for scheduling and paying for the haul out at the boatyard.  The owner of the vessel or vessel broker is responsible for arranging for a captain to operate the vessel during the sea trial.

The following is the scope of inspection:

  • Sound testing of the hull and deck
  • Moisture testing of the hull, deck, and structure
  • Visual inspection of all accessible interior and exterior spaces
  • A visual inspection of the rigging (for sailing vessels)
  • Electrical system inspection, operation, and metered testing
  • Plumbing system inspection and operation
  • Visual inspection of all accessible fuel, water, and waste tanks
  • Comprehensive Sea Trial
  • Operational condition of the vessel’s engine, (engine oil analysis optional)
  • Galvanic Corrosion testing with a corrosion test meter (optional)
  • Safety inspection including all Coast Guard, state, and federal required safety equipment